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Agroturystyka "Maya"

Gorzyca 35, 66-300 Gorzyca

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Accommodation offer:

  • 30 beds -  9 double rooms, 1 room with 3 beds, 1 room with 4 beds, 1 room with 5 beds.
  • 50 beds in multiple rooms - best for larger groups at competitive prices.
  • Camping - location on the banks of Obra, on the way to Lubuski Water Trail, eco huts, volleyball and badminton court, playground.
  • Sleeping in the hay - you need only a sleeping bag, comfortable on chilly days.


Gastronomic offer:

  • Full-board - "Under the goat" cellar - a rich set of drinks and delicious homemade tasty meals
  • Seasonal pub "Maya" on the camping
  • Meals for groups  - make earlier reservation
  • Catering


Leisure activities:

  • Canoeing
  • Fishing (3 lakes, Obra)
  • Walk to Gorzyca with mini guide (monuments and history of the village)
  • Walking around the area
  • Bike tours (marked trails)
  • Charity rally
  • Educational paths
  • Discos
  • Horses, carriages, rides
  • Integration parties
  • Recreation and sport events
  • Occasional events


Attractions in the area:

Due to the location we are a good starting point for the biggest tourist attractions in Lubuski Land.

Culture and Science:

  • Walking trail "Meet our town" http://********.***.**
  • Exhibition  - 1000 years of MIEDZYRZECZ. Collection of coffin portrait http://********.***.**
  • Museum "Shoemaker house" in Pszczew http://********.***.** / museum
  • Workshops of vanishing professions http://********.***.**



  • Mother of God Shrine in Rokitno http://********.***.**
  • Cistercian Monastery Paradyż, Summer Festival of Baroque Music "Music in Paradise" http://********.***.** / paradyz.html

Nature trails:

  • "Forest class" at the Forest district Międzyrzec
  • Natural-historical trail "Nietoperek"
  • "Forest" trail in Popowo
  • Nature Educational Centre of Pszczewski Landscape Park http://********.***.**
  • Miedzyrzecki Fortified Region. The German fortifications and reserve of bats http://********.***.**
  • Water mill and hydroelectric plant Bledzew http://********.***.**

We have present-day informant about local and cultural events.

We speak English, German and Russian.

We are open to our guests’ proposals.

More about us: http://********.***.**

See you there!

Enjoy your stay! 

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~  5 km -  Accommodations Głębokie(18)
~26 km -  Accommodations Sulęcin(5)
~34 km -  Accommodations Bobrówko(1)
~45 km -  Accommodations Sieraków(19)
~45 km -  Accommodations Wojnowo(3)
~55 km -  Accommodations Łąkomin(1)
~57 km -  Accommodations Karpicko(5)


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